Build Process

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3D Pool Design

Aqua Craft utilizes cutting edge professional landscaping software for 3D pool designs. Powerful, precise tools that help you visualize your pool and landscape design in a full 3D concept. Exploring personalized features, providing vivid details of your new pool and landscape design.


The layout is the initial step in the construction phase. We will layout the perimeters of your new pool on the ground, after which we will proceed to digging the hole, and removing any excess dirt.


The excavation process is one of the most important aspects of the pool build.  The elevation of the pool will be set at this time ensuring proper drainage for the pool and home. This will generally be done in one day.

Plumbing and Steel

Aqua Craft ensures plumbing and steel is all installed in accordance with pool design specifications. We will meet or exceed rigid standards for design and quality.


Gunite is the trade term for sprayed concrete, this process involves using a professional air power sprayer applying the concrete at a high velocity. The high velocity of the spray ensures that the concrete adheres to the surface and allows for the custom shaping.

Tile and Coping

Our professional tile and coping experts will install your new pools waterline tile, coping as well as any raised wall facade.  Once they are done we are ready to install the decking around the pool.  This is where the pool starts it to take shape.


This is the last big step in the construction process.  Plaster is the finish on the interior walls and floor of your pool.

Fill and Enjoy!

Have Fun!